UJK (Medical Treatment)

UJK Kielce will provide the project with the necessary medical and scientific support. The staff involved in the project has the necessary scientific experience and clinical experience (almost 1,000 children are treated each year). UJK has adequate facilities for the assessment of the biomechanics of the human body in the form of modern posturographic laboratories. Clinical departments where children with scoliosis are treated will ensure adequate access to patients who may be qualified to participate in the project. UJK has experience in examining the spine. Studies have been carried out to assess its shape by examining distant parts of the body such as the sacrum and sternum, which may be useful for assessing the space covered by the brace. The unit conducted research on the connection of the shape of the spine with gait and balance, which guarantees the fulfillment of the assigned tasks. The employees of the UJK conducted research on the precise assessment of the treatment of spine curvatures and on the effectiveness of the use of traditional braces in the treatment of scoliosis.