IPF (Material Engineering)

Leibniz Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e. V. (IPF) is one of the biggest polymer research institutes in Germany. The Complex Structures Components (CSC) Group, is lead by Prof. Dr. Axel Spickenheuer, within the Cluster of Integrative Simulation, Department of Material Engineering, and has large experience in advanced manufacturing and structural modeling of ultra lightweight fiber reinforced composite structures with complex shapes. The CSC group serves the IPF as a center for composite manufacturing techniques and expertise (TFP, resin transfer molding, infusion), where structures of almost any shape can be produced. The IPF and the CSC group is the inventor of the TFP technology with a strong tendency of subsequent exploitation of scientific results. Expertise in sizing development and characterization and processing of fiber composite materials with thermoplastic matrices is contributed to the project by the Reinforcing Fibres and Interphase Characterization group, headed by Dr. Christina Scheffler. Furthermore, IPF is equipped with a broad range of mechanical characterization, including optical methods to monitor displacement and deformation.