IBMT (Medical Engineering)

The Institute of Biomedical Engineering in Dresden has gained substantial experience in interdisciplinary fields of biosignal processing, medical imaging, machine learning and rehabilitation. It brings tools and expertise into the project needed to evaluate the materials and design of the braces in terms of their fit. Unique to IBMT is a data set of 1500 children based on back and spinal measurements based on various measuring systems, well suited for machine learning. This data set is to be extended with 500 scoliosis patients, significantly increasing the potential for higher classification scores on identifying scoliosis. Former and ongoing research projects are integrating EMG into fiber and polymer, miniaturizing the electrodes and optimizing skin electrode characteristics. Signals obtained from the human body are complex and contain noise which makes them challenging to interpret. Research on new methods and applications of signal processing and machine learning investigate how medical information can be acquired from these signals and ways of how it can be interpreted.