Isomatex (Material Engineering)

The major aim/deliverable is to provide the right reinforcement fibers/roving/commingled solutions with the right characteristics (mechanical, compliance/wettability = sizing, processability). Such roving that will be delivered for the project has to provide the tailored (adapted) local reinforcement, offering the possibility to define a lighter design, in addition to more efficiency of the medical aid. The tensile strength of the fiber associated with its elongation will offer this opportunity; while the downstream textile transformation and impregnation with selected matrices have to satisfy the whole chain of processing the new brace.

Therefore, Isomatex will focus on the optimization (or development) of sizing, as a kind of coating applied on the fiber itself, on the roving for allowing the commingling of hybrid yarns (TP filaments as resin input), sustaining the fiber placement process (reduction of fuzz), supporting the thermal effect of consolidation of composite, wetting by thermoplastic polymers and optimal adhesion offering a continuous behavior during the life-time of the structure; and, development of process/semi-finished products toward different technologies/methods for obtaining a commingle yarns to be efficient in the field of composite brace manufacturing. in order to provide new opportunities to increase local comfort of the patient on lightweight design.